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With the letter in hand, Drake Bell tried to give a lesson to their fans how to play the official theme of the popular series Nickelodeon, Drake and Josh. However, candle burning is anticipated to erase what was written by the american.

Through their social networks, Bell he was at the point of interpreting the song called “I found a way”.

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“I’m going to teach them to play the song of Drake and Josh in less than a minute. But before I do, I want to show you this,” said the also actor.

Drake Bell in concert. Photo: Instagram

In his hand, he had a leaf wrinkled with the lyrics of the song written in pen.

“I found the original sheet with the lyrics of ‘I Found a Way’, and if you notice, it says realign, not placing”, placing emphasis on a specific part. In the original lyrics it says the word realign (reorder) and not realize (realize) like to sing with the audience in the presentations.

To read the letter, Bell not aware that there is a lit candle on the table, so that, upon contact with the paper, it began to burn and even set off the fire alarm while they listened to the screams of the actor.

Lazy loaded component

His followers of the platform TikTok, that is where you will find the video, I took it, mostly, as a joke. His reaction was similar to that showed in the series to the side of Josh Peck (Josh) and Miranda Crosgrove (Meghan).