Drake has a new ‘challenge’ – ‘Toosie Slide’: this is what happens in TikTok


  • We teach you all the steps of the dance that has the new ‘challenge’ of Drake, which presagiamos that will be very viral.
  • Reveal the filter that best face makes TikTok.

    Now that TikTok has become (almost) in the new Instagram… we did not expect less than a ‘challenge’ Drake. After letting us great moments between the ‘celebs’ of the time ‘Kiki, do you love me?’ in which we all go out to dance out of the car —and we had a fall with that we laughed a lot, we’re not going to deny it—, the rapper has taken advantage of the launch of their latest song, ‘Toosie Slide’ to propose a challenge to the community ‘tiktokera’. How? Simple: doing that let us imitate the choreography of the chorus.

    To see, don’t panic by comparing your footwork rather resemble those of a duck (‘sorry’, this is the life) with those of Drake, because we’re going to teach the dance point by point, with the goal of getting hundreds and hundreds of little hearts in the video.

    First, here you have the song to listen to and stay with the ritmillo that you’re going to have to follow.

    ‘Toosie Slide’, the new song from Drake that has become a ‘challenge’ of TikTok

    Once you’ve been with harmony, focus on this part of ‘Toosie Slide’:

    The steps are:

    1. Kick with the right leg.
    2. Heel back turned out with the same leg.
    3. Kick with the left leg.
    4. Shift to the left.
    5. Kick with the left leg.
    6. Heel backward rotated with the same leg.
    7. Kick with the right leg.
    8. Scrolling to the right.
      1. Got it? This is the basic choreography, and now I just need to push speed, flow, and even ‘free style’ until the music ends.

        What if Drake has created this song to get into the social network of fashion? We do not have any doubt but, still, we flipa!