Drake revealed his mansion of 100 million, with everything and a bathroom musical, in TikTok


Drake you have expensive tastes and the budget to have them, and that clock of 620 thousand dollars with a roulette in its interior is not the most crazy in your collection (and it is not the only expensive watch that you have).

Tennis, accessories, watches and cars, Drake has a huge collection of luxury items, and they all live with him inside the extravagant mansion of more than 100 million dollars, just show it to the world with the video of his new song Tootsie Slidethat not only gave us a new dance viral TikTokbut that also makes a tour of every corner of your house, and is not a house either.

The most notorious of the video were not the crazy dances of the rapper, but the scenarios are architectural in that it appeared to them, and, after a little research, the Internet discovered that this extravagant place is in reality The Embassy, the mansion Champagne Papi in Toronto (why famous people love to give names to their houses? We’ll never know).

Drake literally walk through all the rooms of your house during the video (do you remember Cribs on MTV? this is something like that), leaving to see their finishes of marble, the furniture in shades of grey, his collection of objects, locos and even a bathroom musical.

This, clearly, was not a cheap house and Drake did everything possible to build an oasis in the middle of Toronto, so it is not surprising that you wanted to display it somehow. By what you see in the video, the mansion millionaire has its own basketball court-sized (but do have a McDonalds as Ricky Ricón?), regulated by the NBAa toilet that plays relaxing music when you go in and many other details extravagant, that it even caught the attention of DJ Khaled, who asked Drake to give him the favor of building and appoint your next home.

The mansion, according to reports, it cost around 100 million dollars, Drake bought the land in the exclusive area of Bridle Path (called Millionaire’s Row)in Toronto, about 6.7 million in 2018 and what was used to build a house of 35,000 square feet. To maintain your privacy, the terrain is surrounded by walls of 4.4 meters with security cameras to keep out the curious.

For the interior, Drake hired the canadian Ferris Rafauli, who is responsible for the design and construction of the property. In the interior almost everything is gray, white or black, but there is nothing simple or sober, the mansion features several fireplaces, large chandeliers, decorations and golden details, and marble on all sides.

But, the detail that seems to be calling more attention is the huge bathroom with a huge closet designed for that Drake you can relax listening to some music while you decide what to wear or taking a bath.

In addition, each fourth of the house is full of objects of luxury, from its collection of timepieces, like the Richard Mille that led to the end of the NBA, and sneakers to small objects that refer to different moments of popular culture, as a collection of toys Suicide Squad and pictures of characters such as Tupac and Snoop Dog.

Did you think that the celebrities if they were a bit like us? This virtual tour of the mansion of Drake proves that not what they are and that they really have no excuse to be bored in quarantine. Can you imagine being locked in a house with your own basketball court, a toilet that sings to you to relax, luxury cars and all the sneakers you want? Perhaps it is time for a change of career, it seems that the rap has many more benefits than any other.

The only question is what happens if you run out of toilet paper in that bathroom music?