Drake reveals collaboration with Playboi Carti in Instagram Live


Drake has seems to augur a new collaboration with Playboi Carti during a surprise appearance at a session of Instagram live.

The rapper appeared on the DJ session in live Instagram of OVO Mark the 6 April where he shared a snippet of the song, which is now known as “Pain 1993”.

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The song is produced by Pierre Bourne and, according to reports, will appear on the next album of Carti: “Whole Lotta Red.”

Comes after that Drake he shared his new single “Toosie Slide” last week, along with a video that captured the rapper Toronto dancing alone in your luxurious home.

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It is expected that “Toosie Slide” to appear in the next album Drake, which we know few details. Last year, the star said that he was finishing the record “so that we can appear in 2020”.

Not yet confirmed when will the new album Drake nor was the release date of “Whole Lotta Red” of Playboi Carti.

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