Enjoy the weekend with new tracks from Drake, Hayley Williams…


Happy weekend!!! Despite the troubled times, the world of music does not sit still. It is true that every day we see news of tours and festivals cancelled, but we can not complain of a lack of new music. Among the artists who have released singles this week, we are left with these:

Hayley Williams “Over Yet”

“Petals For Armor”will be the first solo album of the singer of Paramore. The full album will be available on the 8th of may, but the first part already, you can listen in the usual channels. Williams has decided to split the album into several deliveries, something that has been explained since she announced the album in January.

Drake “Toosie Slide”

Drake has signed up to the #yomequedoencasa though, realistically, in your case it is more a case of #yomequedoenunpalacio. The rapper invites us to his home with “Toosie Slide”, a dance that seems to be inspired by the boredom of quarantine. The video also features shots of nocturnal chilling of a Toronto vacuum, contributing to a feeling dystopian quite currada .

Mavis Staples & Jeff Tweedy “All In It Together”

We jump back to a proposal quite different: Mavis Staples arrives accompanied by the producer Jeff Tweedy with the theme “All In It Together”. The R&B singer is playing well with his eighty years and introduces us to this topic optimistic encouragement to overcome the crisis. “I don’t need enemies, I want to be friends, we must all be a family” and other phrases calling to the unit. All profits from the song will go to an organization that helps seniors in Chicago.

Iceage “Lockdown Blues”

Blues of confinement, Covid-19, the only way out is through” read the new issue of Iceage, again with empty streets as visual support. Perhaps the most literal in terms of the virus in this selection, “Lockdown Blues” speaks of the weird and crippling of the situation. It is not difficult to feel identified, so thanks for this Iceage. By the way, these have also been added to the charitable causes, in this case, the benefits are intended to Doctors Without Borders.

Jenny Hval “Bonus Material”

Another big leap: in this case we go to the ambient music. This is for you who have launched into the yoga, meditation or other moves spiritual during the quarantine period. Norwegian artist Jenny Hval has released the first single from his album, 2019, “The Practice Of Love” with Bonus Material”.

And finally, you will find a playlist with different novelties they just appear to make you more bearable the running of the bulls and you have a sample in which to investigate after.