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The videos of dogs will always have a place in the hearts of the users, who become viral in a jiffy. Such is the case of a sympathetic recording, shared Facebook, which shows a scene starring a few dogs and their owner.

In this, as indicated in the holder, the master and his pet face off in a game of “michi”. At some points in the clip looks like it’s going to be a tie.

However, animals will take the victory. The joy of one of the dogs is seen in the final part of the video, uploaded by a home to Instagram. Here we leave the tender material.

“Haha you note that the dogs were more cunning than his master”, “These pets are lucky that your owner is so much fun” and “These things make a big Facebook. Oh these pictures are adorable!”, were some of the comments made by the netizens.

The clip, posted on Facebook for the fanpage 9GAG Cute, it could become much more popular in the next few days. At the moment it has more than 25,000 views.


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