From home, Alesso and Liam Payne released “Midnight”

The coronavirus has paralyzed many plans in the music industry, from touring until the album releases, but didn’t stop the DJ and producer Alesso and the ex-member of One Direction Liam Payne recorded a new music video.

The pair joined forces for the new song dance “Midnight”, and as he was unable to record a typical video due to the social distancing and quarantine imposed by the spread of the virus, Alesso was the study of Los Angeles where you originally created the theme to make your party while Payne, who lives in London, asked a friend to record himself singing on his balcony.

The result, launched today, is a video clean and simple that it could pass for one made without limitations.

It was nice to simply make a video with much less noise around you — the music videos are always so loaded,” said Payne. “For me personally, just being able to leave my house, sing a song in the balcony and to interpret it in the way that I wanted in place of that other person to tell me how to move or what to do is our video and I’m proud of that.”

“It’s refreshing to see Liam sing, and to me it just working on the song,” added Alesso. “So it was as we did so, allowing the song itself to shine”.

“Midnight” is about a couple that meets, but the artists said that with the impact that the coronavirus has been around the world, the issue has acquired a special meaning.

“This definitely gives it a greater meaning. We will always listen to this song, at least Liam and I, and think at this point,” said Alesso. “I think that definitely gives you a special feeling”.

“We are all learning new things about our partners and spending so much time with them, the people united is beating things so big in the world. I think that definitely gives a helping hand to the song, and how one overcomes this type of thing,” said Payne.

“Midnight” is one of many songs that the artist English 26-year-old has been released from One Direction was put on hiatus in 2015. In December he released his debut album, LP1, and came to the first places of the list Hot 100 of Billboard with the hit multi-platinum “Strip It Down”. He has also collaborated with J Balvin, Zedd, French Montana, A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Rita Ora.

Alesso, who is Swedish, has been ranked in the Top 40 with hits platinum “Heroes (We Could Be)” with Tove Lo, and “Let Me Go”, with Hailee Steinfeld, Florida Georgia Line and Watt. The musician of 28 years has also had success as a remixer, getting even a Grammy nomination for his version of house of “If I Lose Myself” from OneRepublic.

Alesso was looking for a singer for “Midnight” and is happy Payne has accepted the challenge-

“He added his incredible taste. Really turned out wonderful.”

Both have remained creative during these times of confinement. Alesso is tirelessly working in the same studio where he produced “Midnight”.

“Work like 10 times more now because I have more free time. My creativity really flows better now because I’m at home and I’m not distracted with tours and that sort of thing,” said the DJ. “Of course, I also feel and play many video games and I watch a lot of Netflix”.

Payne says that she has been drawing, painting, things. Also he has returned to his community by donating 360 thousand meals to food banks in need during the pandemic through the registered charity The Trussell Trust.

Expected to “Midnight” — the song and the video — can have a positive impact on people.

“It is important at this time to be there for our fans. While everyone is stranded at home in self-isolation, it seems important to me to keep releasing things to give a little light to their day,” said Payne.

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