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After giving the news of the favorable recovery of the prince Charles of Covid-19the royal family of England has several reasons to smile again, despite the fact that still continue to joined their efforts to counteract the ravages of the pandemic in the United Kingdom, special dates such as anniversaries or birthdays will not go unnoticed, especially now that the prince of Wales is located on the other side of the disease and can be reunited with her wife on a date as special as your wedding anniversary.

The prince Charles England is recovered from Covid-19, on the 30th of march ended with his isolation, but despite this, his wife Camila Parker I continue to be secluded in another room of the same residence for seven more days. The couple settled on his farm in Balmoral, in Scotland, the property in which you usually spend your spring break or summer.

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camilla parker prince charlesAlthough the two were sections of public life and of the chambers, they continued their work from their personal office, where sent, and attending to calls from members of the government and the royal family.

The recovery of the prince of Wales and the end of the voluntary isolation of the duchess of Cornwall it just happens in the framework of its wedding anniversary, this April 9, and despite the fact that the contingency of the coronavirus forces them to not meet in large group or have guests in your home, at least have their company, without doubt, in these times this simple fact is encouraging and very moving.

camilla parker prince charles togetherThe love story of Charles and Camilla is known. They began their relationship long before the prince knew the princess Diana and marry her, but after several problems and circumstances that forced them to separate, on the 9th of April, 2005, were married in a small civil wedding held in the castle of Windsor, when the two were around 60 years.

With the wedding of Camila and Carlos culminated a romance that conllevo three decades of rumors, infidelities, scandals, fights, and divorces, which threatened more than once to the british crown. But beyond that, for many, this is proof that love always triumphs against the worst scenarios. For this reason, this date is so important and meaningful for the marriage.

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camilla parker prince charles

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