How and where? J is going to give away a million dollars on quarantine COVID-19


The actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez, will return to show his great heart this April 6 with the premiere of his program Thanks a Million (thanks a million).

There the ‘Diva of the Bronx’ where she and a group of famous exhibited as acts of generosity can change the life of a person.

In this first season The diva of the Bronx shares credits with such artists as Anthony Davis, Nick Jonas, Gabriel Iglesias, Aaron Rodgers, Karlie Kloss, Yara Shahidi, Kristen Bell, Kevin Hart and Tracy Morgan, who will deliver 100 thousand dollars to 10 people.

In advance of the show, published on Tuesday, JLo, who is also the executive producer of the program, explains that each celebrity selected a person who had a profound impact on your life, and these, in turn, must donate half of that money to another person, and so continue the chain of kindness.

Nick Jonas in the same way used their social networks to express their excitement for being a part of this program.

“Now more than ever, every day acts of kindness connect us in surprising ways. #Thanks AMillion,” said the member of the Jonas Brothers.

The reactions of his followers did not wait.

There were many who noted that the difficult time that the world has been experiencing due to the global pandemic of coronavirus is the perfect to provide that kind of content inspiring.