It deserves an award! The nails of Rihanna have caused controversy, they Are the longest in the world!


Rihanna once again stole the show What a beautiful!

Some of the celebrities most beautiful in the world has published a photo on his official instagram, this is my beloved Rihanna who once again stole the attention of everyone As always!

The image of which we speak, has been able to collect 4 thousand likes and hundreds of comments. Now what is it that has called the attention exactly? To the surprise of all, Rihanna has shown the nail-longest in the world.

Apparently the artist keeps his nails long and strong with natural treatments, because they do not cause side effects on their cuticle That good idea of Rihanna!

In addition to beautiful nails, we must highlight the fact that the singer looks simply beautiful. Your mouth blue has taken away the dream to more of a fanatic, that we can be sure.

Among the comments of the post are: “I love your nails, mine as I grow I can do I am very sad, help me” “that beautiful you are to me you’re in love with you since I saw you for the first time”