J. K. Rowling is recovered from the symptoms of the COVID-19


The writer was not performed the test to confirm the diagnosis


Mexico.– The novelist british J. K. Rowling, known for being the author of the saga “Harry Potter”, he shared in their social networks have recovered from the symptoms of the COVID-19, although he could not confirm that he possessed the virus to not be tested.

The also producer and screenwriter said that during the last two weeks had all the symptoms of coronavirus, including respiratory problems. Also, he urged his followers to follow medical recommendations to alleviate some of the symptoms.

“Please, look at this video of the Hospital of Queens (United Kingdom), explaining how to relieve the respiratory symptoms. During the past 2 weeks I’ve had all the symptoms of C19 (although I have not done the test), and this I did following the advice of the doctor. I am completely recovered and the technique helped me a lot,” he wrote.

In the video, it talks about taking deep breaths that allow to open the throat and lungs, and another technique is to lie face down with a pillow and breathing deeply.

In days past, Rowling launched a website of entertainment Harry Porter at home before the quarantine due to the pandemic, and is awaiting the start of shooting of the film ‘ fantastic beasts and where to find them 3, that was postponed, like other productions, due to the expansion of the virus.