James Charles, center of the controversy after appearing ‘beaten’ in a challenge: “I’m Not going to apologize”


Not all the challenges that come in TikTok have the same level of acceptance or grace. One of the latest trends is called “mugshot”, and consists in taking a photo as you take to the authorities when you stop, to make you mugshot.

As well, many users have published in this social network pretending to be arrestedwith signs simulated violence. When a stranger comes up content of this type you may receive some criticism, but when someone of the stature of James Charles, tens of thousands of comments asking you to remove it immediately.

The makeup guru, only 20 years, dared to share two images of him on Twitter and Instagram by following the challenge #mugshot. The result was a barrage of criticism accusing him of insensitive.

Thanks to his skill with the brush, knew how to create a makeup very realistic about your nose falsely sanguinolienta, as well as to simulate a black eye. Many users jumped with responses are very negative, saying that “glamurizaba” the domestic abuse.

After the barrage of criticism, the artist decided to remove the photos from Twitter but not Instagram. In his official account wanted to share a few explanations: “Although hundreds of influencers and artists have done something similar to my photos, I have deleted because it was never my intention to upset anyone, and it is a waste of time to attempt to reason with people that hate me”.

When a user tells within that publication that “does not have to apologize,” Charles responds categorical: “It is not an apology and I will not apologize”. The make-up artist has 17 million followers on Instagram and the other 18 on YouTube, which makes it a reference within the world of makeup. Accustomed to controversy, you know that fame can bring as many supporters as haterssomething that seems clear in this last episode.