James Charles is criticized for using makeup considered as violent


James Charles it is in your best moment, because it is about to premiere his reality show “Instant ” Influencer” through YouTube, the platform that propelled him to fame through his talent with make-up.

However, they are often involved in various controversies due to his publications in social networks and a new wave of reviews it was directed against you after you join a challenge of TikTok.

With the hashtag #MugshotChallengeseveral users have shared photos where they look a makeup with bruises, blood and false injuries on the face. The infuencer decided to post a few selfies similar, but the reaction of the internet users did not wait, as they consider that it is not fun to play with violence and use it as a makeup style.

The criticism against James began, some asked him to remove his posting and others believe that despite their fame and their disputes earlier, James continues to commit error after error.

However, the YouTuber decided to respond to his detractors and made sure that only joined a trend that you saw in
TikTokbut everything becomes a controversy only because it is about him, a public figure.
What will it be?

The discomfort of some people is that in recent months, the fight against female violence has been growing and this type of dynamic or challenge are not correct, even when it is a question of simple makeup, which is also used in films or tv series, but normalizing that image could be wrong.