Josefina Montane was compared with Kendall Jenner to show off new look


Josefina Montane surprised its followers of Instagram to show off a new look, with which it was compared with Kendall Jenner.

He told the actress on his social network, “Franklin is a makeup artist who has great experience and is accustomed to make many changes to works, series and movies. That’s why we set out to create an Instagram (@mua_contenidos) on make-up that will serve as a platform to get to know the makeup artists of national“.

In that line, he explained that “a long time ago I got together with Franklin. But we started just the last week to upload photos and generate content, everything from our house, because we are with the quarantine“.

The idea is to bring people to make up and explore, without the need to be with products so expensive. The other time we did a challenge, which comes out on Sundays, to cover up our eyebrows, jajajá. It is very fun! And what more really cool is that the same people will be choosing the challenge you want,” added the “Flexible”.

The change was very well received by his followers, who assured that with that look and contact lenses, it looks very similar to the penultimate Kardashian.