Kevin Hart shares a story embarrassing about spilling pineapple juice on Beyonce


Kevin Hart has built his career as a comedian, taking advantage of his life and his personal experiences as material. We’ve heard talk about all kinds of wild things, from their experiences dating and habits of lies until the tactics of the wrath of her son. But on the 31st of march, he shared one of his stories, most shameful, and that involves only Beyoncé Knowles.

(Left to right) Kevin Hart and Beyoncé | David M. Benett / WireImage; Gareth Cattermole / . Europe

Kevin Hart says that once poured juice on Beyoncé

Hart said that he had been in a club for years when he found himself with Jay-Z. After a “great conversation”, Jay-Z apparently gave Hart a drink, but because the club was so full, Hart threw a container of pineapple juice when he went to look for him. Without that he knew it, Beyoncé had been stop near and just soak up the juice.

“Back to talk to me and says,” Kev, you just pour pineapple juice over the legs and shoes of my wife, “ recalls Hart. “I say, ‘leave here’. I look behind him, I see Bey sitting … put on a pound of napkins cleaning everything … So I just look at Hov and I say: ‘I Need to do this well, because I feel bad “.

He said that he gave Jay-Z a ticket rolled up $ 20 since that was all I had at that time and quickly moved to the other side of the club. Looking to the rapper, Hart said that he noticed that Jay-Z had unwound the ticket and had an expression of disgust on his face.

“I couldn’t afford to cover the cost. I just pay for the pineapple juice and took the powder from thence, ” concluded Hart.

Please note that this clip contains strong language

One of his good friends also had a meeting uncomfortable with Beyoncé

The friend of Hart, Tiffany Haddish, revealed to GQ in march 2018 that he once saw an actress biting at Beyonce in the face at a party. She refused to say names but others spoke candidly about the moment.

“Beyoncé was,” recalled Haddish, “came Jay-Z and said,” oh Jay! ¡Ven aca! This b * tch— ’and snatched it. Went to the back of the room. I was like, “What just happened?” And the friend of Beyoncé came and said: “Can you believe this bitch was bitten by Beyoncé?”

Haddish said that he was going to fight with the actress, but Beyonce had urged him to let it go and “have fun”.

“She was like,‘ Tiffany, do not. Don’t do that. That bitch is on drugs. I wasn’t even drunk. The b * tch is on drugs. She does not like that all the time. Just relax ‘”, he continued Haddish.

Although he did not share the identity of the person, it was not long after the interview that the Internet named Sanaa Lathan as the culprit. Lathan denied the claims on Twitter. However, Haddish confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that he was referring to the star of Love & Basketball. Beyoncé has never commented on the matter.