Kim Kardashian and other celebrities with their children in quarantine


The pandemic coronavirus it has affected the whole world and millions of people have had to stay confined in their homes. This includes the celebrities, as Kim Kardashianwho have used their social networks to show you how to face the situation with his family.

Ricky Martin, Jessica Alba, Ciara, Khloé Kardashian and Alex Rodriguez are some of the celebrities who have shared moments of their quarantine, along with their children.

While the health crisis has caused sadness and concern to all people without distinction, many have taken advantage of the circumstances to strengthen the family ties.

So looks like Kim Kardashian in quarantine

Kim Kardashian showed, through its account of Instagram, a photo with all sos children and her husband Kanye West.

In the picture you can see the whole family sitting on what appears to be a couch and probably watching tv.

Same is the case of Jessica Alba, who shared a video with his two daughters while the three applied facial masks.

On the other hand, Ricky Martin posted a picture with Matteo, one of their older children.

The artists have been insistent to urge its followers to stay at home during the world economic situation that is lived by the virus causing COVID-19.

Many also have shared ideas for coping with the long period at home and have sent messages of reflection on the unity of a family.

These celebrities also shared photos with their children

Khloé Karsashian

He shared a heartwarming picture of her and her daughter with pajamas identical.

Alex Rodriguez

Showed its close relationship to the children of his future wife Jennifer Lopez


Published an image with their children in pajamas.

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