Kim Kardashian debuts as a documentary Project Justice


Since some years ago, Kim Kardashian has been fighting for the rights of prisoners in the united States, who were imprisoned and sentenced to prison unfairly. This long process, in addition to its ambition to become a lawyer, was last night in Project Justice. Produced by the eldest of the Kardashian sisters, this documentary is two hours long and is the consecration of celebrity american as a law student.

Yes, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, where he shares his adventures and misadventures of the hand of their sisters and family to the nuclear family, Kim Kardashian wants to form another line of career more serious that is linked to the political prison in the united States and where is she who pursues justice through their knowledge.

Kim Kardashian in Project Justice

In this way, last night we saw how Kim Kardashian visited some prisons in the united States and worked together with legal experts in four cases of people who believe they have been sentenced unfairly. One of them is the actor of the movie Slam Momolu Stewart, who Kim Kardashian helped secure their freedom after being sentenced for premeditated murder. Only a few days after his release, in October of 2019, the actor attended the Sunday service of her husband Kanye West, and performed in front of a large crowd.

With this new project, Kim Kardashian shows a new face that recalls his father, who died when she was little being a leading lawyer who tried to defend O. J Simpson when he was accused of murdering his ex-wife. Now Kim Kardashian follows in its footsteps and is reaffirmed in the opening of his documentary.

Kim Kardashian in Project Justice, his new documentary

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At this time, there are 2.2 million men and women behind bars in the united States and that is more than any other country, said Kim Kardashian.

We have people who spend their whole lives in prison because the circumstances surrounding his case were ignored in the trial.

Our criminal justice system is very broken. We have people who have been rehabilitated. Have changed their lives, said the celebrity american in front of cameras of his Project Justice.

Kim Kardashian at a press conference of Project Justice

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With this documentary project it is clear that Kim Kardashian looks for a change. His first case, the actor Momolu Stewart, was released after serving 23 years behind bars as a teenager. For Kim Kardashian, some people like him deserve a second chance, and has described his film as ‘an initiative bipartisan national to reduce the number of people in prisons and crimes throughout the country’. The first round has begun and also an entrepreneur confirmed his triumph in the halls.