Kim Kardashian wanted to slimming your legs with Photoshop and ended up erased a walk


Kim Kardashian continues to be committed to their work and their ventures while still in quarantine for pandemic coronavirus. As the sale of their products are online, you can send the purchases to the homes of their customers without anyone from taking risks.

The entrepreneur and creator of the lingerie brand Skims just released their new collection, called Smooth Essentials. “It is a collection with style of a second skin designed to have a appearance and feeling invisible,” she explained on Instagram the brand.

The terrible error of Kim Kardashian when you edit one of your photos

Are the parts with sufficient rigidity to reshape your body, and in addition, you can use them with any type of clothing because you won’t notice what you’re wearing underneath it.

The own Kim starred in images for the promotion of this collection, being one of the models featured which consists of a thong-type yarn with a top short that slims your figure and that you can use on top of your regular bra.

One of the photos caught the attention of the public, to be a collage of several photos of Kim at the edge of the pool and in different poses modeling their whole.

But what is not cared for by their design consultants was the issue, as in the centre image, the legs of Kim Kardashian looks thinner than the rest and also, the editing in the area was so excessive, that he erased the left foot. You do not see the limb or its shadow in the water.

In this complex time for society as a whole by the pandemic, Kim Kardashian has shown his big heart by partnering with those most affected.

The next April 15 will go on the market his new fragrance KKW x KRIS and the 20% of everything sold between that date and through may 5, will be donated to the foundation Blessings in a backpack, which helps feed children in the middle of the crisis by the COVID-19.

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