Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are building a “garden of urine” on his property in Wyoming


Yes, you read it correctly. Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West plan to add some rather interesting features to his ranch Wyoming of $ 14 million.

Now that you have completed the renovation of his mansion with a minimalist Hidden Hills, the couple is now looking to make some improvements quite strange to his extensive property in The Cowboy State.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West | David Crotty / Patrick McMullan via .

West has big plans for one of its properties in Wyoming

When it comes to unique ideas, West is a professional in thinking of some of the most bizarre but strangely brilliant.

Once the rapper decides something, they almost always follow, and that is exactly what you are doing with the plans that he has for his ranch in Wyoming.

In September of 2019, the rapper “Jesus Walks” bought Monster Lake Ranch, which is just outside of Cody, Wyoming, for $ 14 million. A few weeks later, he bought another nearby property for $ 14.5 million.

Now we are the proud owners of two parcels bulk in The Equality State, West and his wife Kardashian West are now looking to make major changes in one of the properties.

Although it is not yet clear which of the properties will undergo extensive renovations, Realtor recently reported that the rapper “Selah” has been working closely with designers and architects to develop a plan for a compound eco-friendly.

According to the media, West has asked the architect Claudio Silvestrin and the artist of light James Turrell’s help to realize their “ambitious plans”.

The plans of the West, which include the construction of “a series of rooms in the shape of a dome that come with the ecology of cctv to capture and save energy and water”, an orchard, a skate park, gardens, a swimming pool, biological – oh, and let’s not forget the urine previously mentioned garden.

“Yes, you read it right, urine, in the garden, where the peas and carrots take root”, shared the middle. “The plan of the West is to install a system to convert human waste into food for plants, which in reality is an ancient practice of gardening used in all the world.”

Build the “garden of urine” will not be cheap

Oddly enough, the urine is a great fertilizer for certain plants, according to the president of FormLA Landscaping, Cassy Aoyagi.

While the use of urine is not the first thing that people think about when looking to plant your own garden, Aoyagi says that the “urea” (the substance that were found in the urine) helps the plants to absorb the nitrogen, which is vital in the growth process.

“Synthetic urea is an important component in the chemical fertilizers of commercial-grade,” she says, “and organic fertilizers containing urea of animal origin”.

Although the urine for the benefit of the plants, there are some disadvantages of having the kind of garden that West imagines.

The main one is that, like “the dog urine, human urine can kill plants when applied directly”, says Aoyagi.

How, then, can the rapper to avoid this to happen in your garden of urine well thought out?

According to the expert on plants, Susan Brandt, the rapper would need to pay a penny for toilets specifically designed with a “bowl divided and a separate set of pipes” that “separates urine from other waste”.

Given that West and Kardashian did not think twice before you buy four toilet plated in gold for his former home in Bel-Air, dropping some cash for the few toilets made-to-measure will not take away anything from the back.

The ranch will be the new home of the Sunday Services of West

Given that the property of Wyoming encompasses 6,000 acres, what better way to use all that space which making it the permanent location for religious events, weekly West?

According to People, the rapper wanted the ranch to be a “home” for their “spiritual services”, especially because finding places large enough to house the choir and the assistants it has become very difficult.

“Kanye is elated and wants to make sure that anyone who wants to attend his service can,” continued the source. “Don’t want to have to reject people. You need a “home” for the service and decided to make the “home” of Wyoming. That’s why bought another property. “

Given that the ranch of Wyoming is the permanent place for the Sunday services, we can now see why the property will soon undergo major renovations.