Kylie Jenner might be the only sister Kardashian-Jenner side of Taylor Swift


The music community is full again of a controversy that many thought had ended. The drama seemingly never-ending Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift has entered a new chapter, and once again people are taking sides.

Of course, there are people who are loyal to the stars they support, no matter what. The members of the family definitely fall into that camp, and the clan Kar / Jenner is not an exception. Are solidly on the side of West and Kardashian, leaving it clear to all that the family is back.

Or do they?

A closer look shows that there is at least one member of Kar / Jenners that may not be fully on board. Kylie Jenner has not made any statement about the famous dispute, but that does not mean it is not sending a message.

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This is the feud that never ends

West and Taylor were problems among them since 2009. He interrupted her acceptance speech for best video female at the MTV Video Music Awards 2009, insisting that Beyoncé had the best music video of the story. West later apologized, and the stars seemed to overcome this uncomfortable encounter as time passed.

The peace between them was shattered in 2016, when West released the song “Famous” with the letter which referred to the incident of VMA. “I feel that Taylor and I we could still have sex / I made famous that bitch”.

As you can imagine it, Taylor was not impressed, and she did know. This started a heated debate between the two sides, with the West insisting that it had clarified the letter with Taylor ahead of time, and Taylor denied that it had done so.

Kardashian West, who has had a lot of practice defending the behavior of the West, intervened on the side of her husband, and she released some snippets of a recording of a call between him and Swift. The clips appeared to support the claim of West that he had asked for his blessing, making it seem as if you claimed to be a victim when it was not. Although she insisted that he had not asked specifically about calling her “b * tch”, people still heavily criticized to Swift, calling her snake.

The Kar / Jenners defend his own, mainly

Last month, someone leaked the complete tape of the infamous phone call, and when you listen to the whole, Swift seems to have been telling the truth all the time. West didn’t told him that I would call the bitch; in fact, at a given moment says he is relieved because he was concerned “that was like that stupid bitch silly, but it is not.”

Naturally, this has rekindled all the fire storm. Many people felt that the new information was claimed to Swift and put West and Kardashian in a situation quite bad.

Of course, that does not include the family Kar / Jenner. Have been vocal in the defense of the couple. Khloe took to Twitter, responding to tweets from Kardashian fighting back, calling her “My sister And my lawyer!” To Khloe and Kendall liked all the tweets from Kardashian about the dispute. It seemed that West and Kardashian had the full support of the entire family.


Kylie Jenner has stayed quiet

During this most recent round of accusations and denials, Jenner has been conspicuously quiet. It is possible that she is discreet; it has certainly shown that it is able to support mom when he wants to. But some fans are wondering if their silence is sending a message. What is she really on the side of Swift in this fight?

Might be a bit quick to reach such a conclusion, except for a small detail: from the 1st of April, long after this controversy came back, Jenner is still Swift on Twitter. If you are not making any statement in support of his sister and brother-in-law, can be interpreted that small show of support as Jenner choosing your side?

You may never know, but if you have any telephone conversation with them about it, you should probably consider recording every word.