Lele Pons breaks a glass door at the dance and the criticize (VIDEO)


Lele Pons breaks a glass door. This Monday night the influencer was again the topic of conversation after sharing a clip that was highly criticized. And is that Lele Pons is appears in the video performing a dance that doesn’t end very well.

The influencer venezuelan has spent many years in the social networks, then that is made with a name on the network Vine, he managed to scale quickly and gain a large fan base. It has now come to the music industry with his song “Jealous” and has done jobs as driver in programs such as The Voice, Mexico.

However as well as has fans also has haters, that is to say, people who criticize for the type of content you share. And is that Lele has been characterized by its physical comedy in the content you share, which is not to the liking of many and be noticed with your last video.


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Lele Pons makes tremendous dance video

In the clip that the influencer shared appears dancing to a popular song in TikTok, however what I didn’t like to many is that when trying to be exaggerated, he feigns a fall that ends up shattering a glass door.

“When you’re learning to do the dances to TikTok,” he wrote in the description.

Among the comments that criticized her pointed out that the influencer “is already too big” to continue doing that kind of videos. In addition, others noted that it was unnecessary to break the glass.

So Lele Pons breaks a glass door to perform a dance and was highly criticized.

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