Marvel: the fault of Funko Pop! he reveals himself to the villain of “The Eternals”


Marvel no longer able to keep the secret about who is the villain of the first installment of “The Eternals”following the launch of the full list of the next Funko Pop! that will be on sale very soon.

The Eternals

Villain of The Eternals is revealed

“The Eternals”, it is one of the most important films of the next phase of the Movie universe of Marvelbut up until now , many details of the plot had been kept secret, including who is the villain.

Through its official Twitter account, the company of dolls, Funko Pop! announced “the list of pop that are on the way”, from April 2, which included the name of a well-known villain of “The Eternals”.

According to the list of Funko Pop!, the shapeshifter, Kro will be the leader of the group of enemies of “The Eternals” on the ribbon of Marvel debut in February of 2021.

Who is the villain of “The Eternals”?

If the collection of Funko Pop! refers to the line of the new film from Marvel, “The Eternals”, means that the leader of the Deviant will be the first villain that the group of superheroes face on the big screen.

Kro, you have the power to change form and who also does not age, and therefore is practically immortal who also has the power to control mentally to everything that your body (organs and systems) do, even when it is asleep.

Marvel: the fault of Funko Pop! he reveals himself to the villain of “The Eternals”

Kro, the villain of “The Eternals”

The villain who debuted in Marvel comics in 1976, also has had a known affair with a member of “The Eternals”; it is Thena – played by Angelina Jolie -, what could be a central part of the film.

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In addition to Kro, other Funko Pop! of the movie of “The Eternals” that will be on sale are: Ikaris, Makkari, and Sprite, Thena, and Phastos.