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Meghan Markle plans to return to acting, but only will work with the directors of the A-list with the hope of securing a major role, said a source from the industry to the british daily Daily Mail. The former actress of the number of lawyers Suits is concerned about whether the criticisms are harsh with it, so you need to get an important role with the right director on the project. The duchess of Sussex “has been telling their agents that he wants Ava DuVernay participate and that they need to find the script right,” the source added. DyVernat is a director, screenwriter, producer and american actress who in 2012 won the Prize for Best Direction at the Sundance Film Festival with his second film Middle of Nowhere. Although Meghan has received many offers, “believe that most of them are cheesy and below are of her.” The desire of Markle get your next job as an actress in Hollywood it seems that has been the reason for which she and the prince moved from Canada to Los Angeles last month. The couple is also receiving lucrative offers from Japan and Meghan for advertising.

The acceptance of a paper could end up being a very long process and tedious, because Meghan Markle wants to control every aspect of any project that I end up doing. Last Friday, Disneynature released his documentary on elephants in Disney +, narrated by her. It is the first solo work that makes it since he left his duties as a member of the royal family.

The dukes have also received significant offers of Japan for advertising. With the money that they are offered could afford the security they need that costs 4 million a year and who have contracted with the agency that oversees the actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, among other celebrities of Hollywood.

The cost of the independence of the dukes is difficult to assess, but experts in the royal family talk in the british media that will require an initial investment of approximately eur 30 million. For starters, a house in Malibu where they live now with their son Archie, easily surpassing the 25 million euros. The couple has been installed in an exclusive area and away from the center: a development where they have as neighbours the actor Will Smith and his family. A place that qualify as safe in the midst of the pandemic of the coronavirus. The transfer was done discretely, but not surprised, because since they left London at the end of October always ensured that they would spend long periods there.

The prince of Wales will help his son, his daughter-in-law and grandson, at least during the first year, until they snap and have how to earn a living. It is estimated that it could bring something more than two million euros. In addition, Enrique has the inheritance of his mother, Diana, and Markle with the income of his era actress. But it will not be sufficient for the level of life you intend to have.

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