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Is affected the personal aspect of imprisonment

NEW YORK (AP).— Sister loves to play the stylist in the living room of his house. A dyeing failed with a good side. Hairdressers who send materials by mail to their clients with the promise that they will be given instructions to work through FaceTime.

As the coronavirus keeps more and more isolated to the people, suspended the visits to the beauty salons for hair cutting and speeches to raise the morale.

While some will cut themselves on the fringe, buy dye and put their skills to the test with the heads of their loved ones, there are those who let nature take its course.

Abound memes and real-life stories about cuts that went wrong and the appearance of gray hair, disproportionate growth of eyebrows, and nails that need urgent attention.

While all these things may seem like frivolities in the midst of the pandemic, many people yearn for the routines in which finds solace and a connection with the your life forever.

Mary Beth Warner, of Syracuse, New York, spread joy during her imprisonment with her husband and their 17 year old son, but inside he is not enjoying anything.

“I remember that my mother used to say that during the war while they had lipstick were happy”, he says. “Now I feel well with my hair.”

Mary Beth, of 63 years, he moved to Manhattan every four weeks for painted hair with Frank Friscioni in the Oon Arvelo Salon. Is dyed blonde hair from 25 years ago in the same place.

Already passed the date of your new appointment, but for now don’t want to do anything. Will put on a baseball cap each time you walk your dog until that Friscioni can visit, as it is doing with other of their clients that live closer to the city.

“I love Frank,” says Mary Beth. “Don’t trust anyone else. In these moments I feel desolate. My hair is very important on an emotional level. I don’t care if I die as I see the blonde in the coffin”.

Other people assume better the idea of letting them go gray. Comedian Kevin Hart shared videos on Instagram in which he speaks of his life with hair and beard grey. Accompanied with the hashtag #GreyHairDon’tCare (I don’t care about cana).

“Everyone is leaving the gray. What am I going to do I also. I see myself as the nephew of Morgan Freeman,” he said to Ellen DeGeneres in one of the chats that the comedian is doing on Instagram from his Los Angeles home.

Many women are rediscovering the tails, buns, bands and ornaments for the head.

Sophia, 18 years old, I was reading a book while her sister Fiona, 20, cut about 20 inches of her long red hair in her home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan until it above the shoulders.

Fiona admits that it took courage watching “a YouTube video that I’m not even finished; we saw the first five minutes.”

Kelly Cardenas, who closed their lounges at Las Vegas, Chicago, and Carlsbad (California), says that the experiments that people do with their hair at home are something that “makes you feel good for 15 minutes and the hairdresser could take up to a year to fix”.

Mylena Sutton, 43, of Haddonfield, New Jersey, did not think his hand to his hair. “I am an african american with frizzy hair, rather dry. For nothing in the world I think tocármelo at home.”

For now it hides the roots with hats and bands.

Kody Christiansen, student at the University of New York, he decided to try his luck in his home and had a small hiccup at the color, but do not repent. The treintañero I wanted a silvery color as the one that showed the box, but ended up with something half yellowish. We applied a spray silver and was satisfied.

“It’s a metaphor of my life,” says the actor, who until recent years lived on the streets, addicted to drugs and alcohol. “Until recently, my life was not like the painting in the box”.

Tightening the belt

In Fayetteville, Arkansas, the stylist Scarlett Howell cancelled all his appointments for at least two weeks. You are using your savings to pay the bills.


“There are many owners of beauty salons and hairdressers that refuse to close until the force, and put many people in danger,” he says. “It’s incredibly frustrating”.

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