Pink “prayed and cried” during his battle against the coronavirus



Only been a few days since the singer Pink revealed that she and her son Jameson, of three years, they had spent a good part of the last fortnight fighting against the illness as a result of the dreaded coronavirus, a battle that resulted in a donation millionaire on the part of the interpreter to assist the overburdened hospitals in the united States.

Now that the star of the music and its offspring, the fruit of her marriage with Carey Hart, are much better and almost recovered, Pink has decided to come clean about the ins and outs of such a hard challenge, especially about the impact mood has meant that the experience for your whole family to have affected noticeably the youngest of the house.

“It is somehow curious, because I promise you that you and your child are going to be okay, but the truth is that there is no way to guarantee it. No one is necessarily safe from it, the truth is that we have lived a roller coaster of emotions”, explained the artist, mother also of the small Willow (8), during a live connection with their followers on the social network Instagram.

In fact, the interpreter has recognized that there are times extremely hard in the that he could not avoid to cry and to pray as a last resort, all the while trying to reassure your little one and reassure him that all would be well. “There have been nights that I could not stop crying. I had never prayed so much in my entire life. Jameson was very sick and still has the fever a little high,” he added.

The vocalist american has wanted to influence, also, in the fact that both the infection and the hazardous effects that arise from it do not discriminate too much as a function of age, given that she, who has asthma but it can boast of being in an optimal state of form in his 40s, came to touch the bottom at the physical level and, of course, psychological.

“I’m not going to deny it, the truth is that I was very scared. At the beginning I shied away from that phrase that if you’re young you’ll be fine, like the children, but that only affects people 65 and up. But that is not the reality. I am asthmatic, but Jameson, who is 3 years old, was perfectly well before falling ill,” reads another extract from his moving testimony.