Quibi lands in Spain with a 90-day test and the new series of Sophie Turner and Liam Hemsworth


In full paralysis of the entertainment industry Quibi has come to try to revolutionize the consumption of audiovisual contentand to the surprise of all of its launch scheduled for April 6, has not been limited to the north american territory. So much so that in Spain we can already access the catalog from this newborn on-demand service, which presents with a attractive trial period of ninety days.

Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins in 'Survive'

Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins in ‘Survive’

Your download can be done through the App Store and the Play Store, thereby entering the fifty titles with that has come the service under the arm. Between that bulky offer, highlights include the drama ‘Survive’ and the thriller ‘Most Dangerous Game’, starring Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins and Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz, respectively. These proposals, described as a movie in episodes, have deliveries of less than ten minutesthey will be releasing periodically.

This brief format is one of the elements differential of the californian companyled by the influential Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive of Disney in its golden age of the eighties and nineties and co-founder of DreamWorks. With the aim of facilitating consumption through mobile, Quibi has implemented the technology Turnstyle, that allows you to toggle so versatile between the vertical display and the panoramic. In addition, the application integrates since its launch subtitles in Spanish and the ability to download to view the content offline

Application of daily use

The objective of Katzenberg with this proposal, that an investment of two billion dollarsas indicates The Hollywood Reporter, is to generate a constant stream of content, divided into three categories: these fragmented “movies,” the docuseries and programs and the daily essentials, that are tied to today’s global. And that commitment to the present has led to several of those essentialsas a ‘Speedrun’ or ‘Pop5’, they will have to do from the homes of their presenters.

In economic terms, there is a substantial difference between the possibilities to which users have access to, americans and spaniards. While the first can choose between two tariffs -for $ 4.99 with ads and $ 7.99 ad-free -, in our country only offers an option of 8.99 euros without ads. Assuming that monthly cost, you will have access to the diverse range of proposals of Quibi, that plans to launch 175 degrees divided by 8,500 episodes throughout its first year of life.