Ray Fisher (Cyborg) said that only trolls believe that Snyder Cut does not exist


Ray Fisher, an actor known for playing Cyborg in Justice leagueconfirmed the existence of the Snyder Cut in a transmission of Twitch. In addition, she said that anyone who says that does not exist, it is only a troll that seeks attention.

Ray Fisher Snyder Cut

Ray Fisher is an active user of Twitch, which is a platform that provides a service streaming of live video. Often the actor is connected in such a platform for playing video games while chatting with their fans. In a recent transmission, said that the film exists, and that those who deny it are trolls internet that should be ignored. The Twitter user @SamuEl_KentMan he quoted what the actor said in the broadcast and published statements on a thread of Twitter.

The Snyder Cut has been highly touted by the very same Zack Snyder and actors Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa in addition to the recognition of the fans. However, some go on to suggest that such court does not exist, that is simply an impossible dream and you’ll never see the light of day. Ray Fisher said that while he has not seen the Snyder Cut, says he knows people who do. One of those people is Jason Momoa, and, according to Fisher, Momoa said it was a completely different experience to the cut seen in theaters.

Previously, in November of 2019, Ray Fisher had already revealed through his Twitter account the image of one of the scenes of Cyborg that they were not to be seen in the final version of the Justice league. With this image, it supported the release of the Snyder Cut.

Ray Fisher Snyder Cut

Even, according to Screenrantit has been mentioned that the character of Cyborg had a greater participation in the Snyder Cut that what you saw in the cut of Joss Whedon. In fact, a large part of the images of Cyborg views in the first trailers not seen in cinemas.

Could it be that we will soon have the opportunity to see it?