Responds to criticism of Jeffree Star


It was during one of their famous live, a fan asked him about his favourite guru’s makeup, what without doubt the small answered.

“Really I don’t see youtubers make-up, but I think that James (Charles) is really nice. Because Jeffree Star is, like, very pampered,” he mentioned.

Star, known for always saying what you think, decided to respond on Twitter, but has always stressed that what has been gained by working.

“I had 500 dollars in my bank account six years ago… perhaps he is confused with his own privilege in front of the mine to be independent. I went forward by myself, I hope that your father can educate well soon,” he said.

A lot of people suggested the youtuber that didn’t shove with a child, as his was family was problematic and that I take things from whom they come. Until now no member of the family Kardashian has spoken on this topic.