Rihanna and her hard life, a sad childhood


Robyn Rihanna Fenty better known as Rihanna, was born in Saint Michael, Barbados; February 20, 1988. Singer and empowered woman as we all know, lived a sad childhood, where the main actor of have a bitter memory is his father.

Life has never been pink for the famous singer, where, despite so many lawsuits that he witnessed did not persist by overcoming all the challenge you present.

From small he had to take care of her younger brother, Rajad, since years ago his father, who had suffered great ad!cc!0nes by the @lc0h0l and the [email protected], abused physically of his mother. In consequence, the singer had to visit on many occasions to the hospital to be studies of the head, as the pain was increasing each time more.

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Years later, what it was to be expected the marriage of his parents broke up, and with it the pains of Rihanna. But unfortunately not everything was well, as it managed to psychological problems in it, making not being able to relate in the best way with the men.

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Rihanna always tried to see the good side of things despite the adversity that many times had been presented to him, I fight for what I dreamed of, not discouraged and achieving to be one of the singers most iconic of the musical world. And proved once again that no dream is too big.

With information Michelle Orozco.