Rita Ora has been enrolled as a volunteer to fight against the coronavirus


Rita Ora

The singer and her sister have signed up as voluntary for the NHS (National Healt Service – National Health System).

The singer Rita Ora, 29-year-old, and her older sister, Elena, 31, were enrolled as volunteers in the NHS (National Health Service) in an attempt to do your part in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the star has praised her mother Vera Sahatciu, 55-year-old, who has returned to his role earlier in an attempt to help those who are struggling with their mental health during these difficult times.

The interpreter described his mother as a “superhero” for a return to the first line, saying: “My mother has always been my hero, but this pandemic has become sincerely in a superhero in my eyes.”

She also said She is very brave and has gone through so much alone. However, his generosity to help others only consolidates what I know of what is able to my mother. I am very happy that the rest of the world also have to see it”.