Rita Ora is moving away from the music and is offered as a volunteer to a cause


This is not the first time that any of our famous abandons his profession to devote to other things, and although his new job do not generate income. Rita Ora it has been one of the last that has been left parked your profession and has volunteered to a cause.

The crisis caused by the coronavirus and the shortage of medical staff has done that several members of the family of Rita after enrolling in a volunteer program the british health system for help face-to-face to staff in the health system.

The mother Prays, Vera Sahatciu a psychiatrist by profession although now retired, has been the first to volunteer to this cause and the sister of the singer, Elena, has followed him without hesitation. After knowing the intention of his family, the interpreter of ‘I will never let you down’ has joined the initiative and at the moment it is waiting for approval of your application.

Tasks for this type of volunteers ranging from the delivery of medications to the most needy people up the visit to elderly people living alone to check your state of health, some steps may be carried out by phone but the majority will require your presence.

In addition to this program, Rita has joined the United Nations foundation to make t-shirts that include messages on what can be done to avoid contracting the coronavirus.

Like Rita, many other famous faces have not hesitated to support with your help, as Miley Cyruswho has made a donation in the form of tacos for the health of several hospitals would not have to worry about their lunches.

When all return to your be, Rita will continue singing and lending his image to the signatures of luxury, as you did before becoming a volunteer.