Rita Ora: So it has changed from your first to your last video | Music


Few artists from around the world can boast of having conquered the sales charts of half the world soon after the age of 21 years. This is precisely what happened to Rita Ora, the british artist of origin balkan (born in Yugoslavia), that the next year will meet its first decade as a solo artist.

A career that has been littered with great successes but also of high-profile setbacks musical. And that is his musical debut and album set the bar too high but still the interpreter has not stopped working and collaborating with artists of all types and in any condition, and evolving at the same time so did their music.

How has changed Rita Ora of her first video (Hot right now) to the last (How to be lonely)?

Hot right now

The first music video starring Rita Ora although the song was not his own but a collaboration occurred shortly after that the artist turned 21 years old. In December 2011, we released Hot right now, a theme created by DJ Fresh to which the solo lent his voice.

The song took off like a rocket to number 1 in the Uk becoming the vocalist on the new feel of the rap of the british isles. To be guaranteed a good debut count with the collaboration of Jay-Z, chief of the seal, and artists such as Drake, Kanye West or Tinie Tempah. Its identity through the sounds of rap and hip-hop, their aesthetics and their collaborations resulted in hits such as R. I. P.

The 23-year-old and with just one album behind her back, Rita Ora could boast already of being a pop diva made and right. Custom jacket, blonde tresses to the wind, a makeup that highlighted their best features and an outfit to highlight her statuesque figure were the first signs of identity of the very young Rita Ora.

In a margin relatively short time, the singer knew how to silence the criticism of those who accused him of being a mere copy of Rihanna proving to be a multifaceted artist with a lot to say.

How to be lonely

If anything has shown us the singer during all these years is that it has no problem doing what he wants when he wants and in the way that she wants. The most recent example is in the video clip How to be lonely which has sparked a major wave of criticism in the Uk for the alleged waste of the eggs for their shoot.

If traditionally Rita Ora usually does not leave too much to the imagination, and it costs you nothing to look all kinds of transparencies, in his latest videoclip has made it clear that it has uninhibited totally.

Is a singer much more mature and that’s reflected in the style of the clip itself. Back is the feast, the dance and the urge to let off steam and is replaced by the symbolism of a youth or a mature solitary.

It may be that in the almost 9 years that have passed since his debut, his physical appearance has not changed much, but where they do note their evolution in their sound. After touching genres such as hip-hop or electronic music it is clear that little by little it is moving towards the pop and rhythm-and-blues although it would be a mistake encasillándola. As I said, if something characterizes Rita Ora is to do what you want, how you want and when you want.