Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber together up in addictions, captured in the same place


There are definitely artists that has cost them a lot of work to overcome its crisis, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, were a clear example of this, apparently the couple shared much more than a relationship also crossed by a strong process of addictions and a video check it out.

It seems according to the images of a video that the stars Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber who apparently were in a stage of infatuation gave in to a moment finally to the world of addictions.

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As above, according to the content of a video where both famous appear in a zone very dangerous Los Angeles, California where to allegedly purchase narcotics, particularly “Glass”.

The catch was taken by a citizen who allegedly was found to Justin Bieber in a store while I waited to Selena, then captured both the outside as they walked by a callejo, before they start running then that you will hear screaming.

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As explained by one of the millions of fans that have the performers, the place where the saw is to buy drugs, because apparently that neighborhood has a reputation for the sale of narcotics, said that he would have tried to “Glass” or other substance it is very powerful.

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However, mention, that at no time saw Bieber or to the former Disney star exchanging money for drugs, or kept something suspicious, however, this has not prevented arising out of various reviews around the material that came to light recently.

In addition, this recording was taken in the 2017 a few months before the couple ended up definitely the relationship and that today’s interpreter “Yummi“stay away from the world of the vices and to begin a married life with the model Hailey Baldwin.

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The couple formed by Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber it was one of the most besieged by cameras and the most beloved by their fans, despite the fact that they lived a process in which abandoned and resumed the relationship in constant times, the fans never lost hope that one day they will return definitely.

However, the moments lived are remembered forever by the fans, the following link, shows the moment in which the couple outside surprised.