Selena Gomez exposes her goodies at the exit to the street without a bra


It is known that the singer came out for a visit to your doctor, now the fans are concerned about their health and the crisis of the coronavirus

Selena Gomez it was captured by the paparazzi when she went out to a medical appointment. The singer she wore no bra, and exposed their stuff with a white t-shirt, which had a message printed on it can be read: “Cara Mia”.

Beyond the intimacies exposed by the camera of the photographer is to be mentioned that Selena was more concerned about covering their face that cover their breasts.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez/Grosby Group

Despite all of the above calls the attention that Selena has gone to the doctor, and for this reason many fans are concerned about the health of the performer.

The ex of Justin Bieber has given recent statements and has been very clear about their current concerns, that have nothing to do with becoming to fall in love or get a new boyfriend, especially because a few days ago he released his new song “Boyfriend”.

“We wrote it down -“Boyfriend”- long before he started this crisis, but in the circumstances with which we are concerned, I just want to make it clear that having a boyfriend is not found now among my priorities. As the rest of the world, the only thing that occupies my mind is that all of us pray for unity, for the health and recovery of all in the midst of this pandemic,” said the singer, as reported by Showbiz.

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