Selena Gomez makes this routine of pilates exercises at home with 15 steps

This quarantine should not be an excuse to not exercise. That’s why, the coach of Selena Gomez, Shannon Nadj, has shared a sequence of pilates with 15 simple movements that you can do from home, without the need of having a computer training complex. The expert suggests doing this routine for 30 minutes with 10 repetitions of each movement, and then repeat the entire sequence 3 times for a total training of 30 minutes on the whole body. It is time to move with a guide behind, to focus and breathe.

The movements (step by step):

For a start, the coach of Selena Gomez suggests a warming. This consists in putting ourselves in a position of the legs at four legs. After arching the back, with the chin and the chest facing up. Inhale and exhale as you stretch and round your back toward the ceiling. Back and repeat.

The second movement consists of a leg extension with 10 reps on each side. Like, on four legs, lift the leg up to the hip, extend it and estírala back. Keep your abs stretched. Follow the lifting pelvic of a single leg. Lying on your back, raise one leg and place the toes on the floor, with the shoulders down. Keep the pelvis while you use your glutes to lift and lower. Do 10 repetitions per leg.

First movement of the routine of pilates

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The fourth movement of pilates for exercise, such as Selena Gomez, is from the central core. Lying on your back, place the hands behind the head with elbows wide and lengthen the back of your neck. Roll the head up, lift your legs on the table and press. Lower and raise the head and the legs together while lifting your abs all the time, in a series of 10 movements. After, lift the abdominals as you lift and stretch one leg straight up while the opposite arm to touch the toes of the feet. Alternate legs and repeat.

Routine of pilates to do at home

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As the sixth movement is the keep the neck elongated and your hips square as you lower the hips evenly. Exhale while turning the torso. Keep the arm stable and your shoulder away from your ear and your abs contracted as you lift and tours. Do 10 repetitions on each side. The following motion received by name: ‘expansion of the chest, as he knelt’. Kneel down, and stack the shoulders over the hips. Bring your arms to shoulder height and while that happens spins backwards. Open the chest while you bow, and squeeze the glutes while keeping the stretched abdominal upwards.

Straight away, takes a step forward keeping the knee over the ankle. Stretch the opposite arm -the knee in flexion – up and stretch across the front of his body and his hips. Repeat on both sides 10 times. Don’t forget to keep the shoulders down when you perform this movement. Then, follow the ‘double jump squat’. Here stack the shoulders over the hips and the knees over the ankles, keep your abdominal collected and isolates your glutes for a total of 10 jumps. The movement number 10 came with the ‘ski squat’. To do this, stabilizes your foot and sit back into a squat deep. The opposite leg extends inward. Place the weight on the heel of the foot and try not to bounce while holding the shoulders back and down.

As the next step is to take a step back and bend the knee to a few inches of the soil. Keep the spine extended and the shoulders stacked over the hips. Bend the elbows to curvarte and key in the heel of foot, with a leg crossed. Do 10 repetitions per leg. This movement is called: ‘cursty lunge more bicep curl’. Continues to hinge forward from the hips, with arms extended backwards, and the shoulders relaxed. Use your abdominals to take a step back, and bend your elbows. After 10 reps switch legs.

Motion number 13 is in the stand, and reach your arms above you in a V-shape, with the shoulders relaxed and the neck long. Imagine pulling a bar with weight, while strengthening your back. Raise one knee and abdominals. Do the same thing 10 times on each leg. Standing, again, bring your arms to 90 degrees, just to the height of your shoulders. It gives a step to the side and opens his arms, estíralos without getting the shoulders in the movement. Changes of side.

Yes, it has come to the last movement of this exercise routine with pilates. Bend at the knees while keeping the torso stacked up and the pelvis square. Take a deep breath and stand erect, stretch the arms above and out for a long time. Feel the stretch along the side of your body, what feels good, right? Keep the abdominals engaged. Exhale. Good job!

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