Selena Gomez opens up about his bi-polarism with Miley Cyrus


Selena Gomez bipolarity
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This week, Selena Gomez appeared on the live Instagram of Miley Cyrus “Bright Minded: Live”. In it, he spoke about the mental health and he admitted that he suffers from a disorder of bipolarity. The singer confessed that he recently visited the hospital McLean of Massachusetts, who is recognized for being one of the best mental health centers in the united States.“I discussed that after years pass by many different things, I realized that I am bipolar”.

The former star of Disney said that they also realized that I had seen some of that even in his own family“ but the people, especially in their home state, Texas, “is frightened” of talking about mental health.

Selena reiterate the importance of expressing emotionsespecially if you’re going through a difficult situation. I advise to all to be kind to each other and take breaks from the noise, including the social networks.

“I think that talking about what you feel is extremely useful. Sometimes I have to feel it, sometimes I have to cry and let it go, and just breathe deeply”, he said. “I am a great empathetic, so I am sorry that you feel the world. Be there for other people helps me”, he added.

As expected, fans of the singer of “Rare” were shocked at the honest statement and for those who also suffer from it found it very helpful.

“Listen to her was really refreshing and I almost gave a sigh of reliefbecause there are times that I think I need to hide my diagnosis. I think their platform is so powerful to have at my side and advocate for me, “ said Kendra, a fan of Selena.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to know that someone I admire also experience [trastorno bipolar] and feel what I feel”said Jillian, another follower of the singer Teen Vogue. He explained that he was diagnosed with personality disorder borderline and bipolar (BPD) at the age of 25. “It makes Me feel less alone, and as if I could fight this disease”.

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