Selena Gomez questions immigration policy of Donald Trump


The singer originally from Texas, said that Donald Trump, president of the united States, can improve the conditions of undocumented people

Motivated to talk about a subject that is vibrating in its history, Selena Gomez ventured to question the immigration policy of Donald Trump, president of the united States, for she is convinced that the contractor can improve its treatment of the people who come to your country looking to improve their quality of life.

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On July 22, 1992 was born Selena Marie Gomez, in Texas, united States. The singer and businesswoman, is the daughter of a mexican called Ricardo Joel Gomez, who is part of a family of undocumented immigrants; and the actress of the american theater Mandy Teefey. Also read: Hailey Bieber again against Selena Gomez

During an interview the actress gave Vogue Arabia to promote the series “Living Undocumented”, which is a producer, the singer of “Bad liar” he said, without being an expert, is sure that Donald Trump can improve the treatment towards immigrants. Also read: After indirect, Selena Gomez defends Hailey Baldwin insults

“What I think about the America of Donald Trump? I have said that I do not claim to be an expert, and I understand that there has to be rules and regulations, but we have to do better than what we are doing”, replied the ex of Justin Bieber.

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“I hope that we can still offer the american dream. I hope that we can offer people a better life. It is very important to remember that our country was formed by those who came from other countries,” said the itu producer.

It is known that his father’s family traveled from Mexico to the united States in 1975 as undocumented and that they hid for a long time in the back of a truck.

Selena Gomez revealed that he took the decision to produce “Living Undocumented” because it has impacted to see the current conditions of the immigrants who come to the united States and because his father’s family also traveled in search of new opportunities.

“I wanted to be a voice for people who can’t or are afraid to speak out. It was all very personal to me. My own grandparents are immigrants and they took the decision to come to the united States. Through its decision, gave me the life that I have and listen to so many stories made me feel blessed for the opportunity that I have”.

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“The stories of each family hit me emotionally. We’ve all read the headlines about immigration, but these are people with stories, not headlines. It was time to listen to their complex stories and how immigration policies affect the lives of these people. Without awareness, we cannot see the change,” he said Selena Gomez.