Selena Gomez reveals that having a boyfriend is not among its priorities at this time


Selena Gomez he surprised his fans by announcing on social media that this Thursday, April 9, will premiere a version deluxe their latest album Rare and in addition devoted part of the proceeds to the fight against the pandemic Covid-19.

The singer of 27 years revealed that the production includes three previously unreleased tracks including Boyfrienda simple which the singer had already mentioned before as one of their “favorites” and that you’re excited about launch.

However, before that his fans can listen to the song, Gomez said in a brief statement reported in social networks that the letter was written a long time ago and that having a couple is not among their priorities at this moment in time.

“Many of you know how excited I have been about to launch a song called Boyfriend. It is a cheerful song about fall and re-rise again and again in love, but knowing that you do not need anyone more than you to be happy,” he said.

“We wrote it down long before our current crisis, but in the context of today, I want to make clear that a boyfriend is not even close to the top of my list of priorities. Like the rest of the world, I pray for safety, unity, and recovery during this pandemic”, he said.

Selena also reported that it is donating “personally to the relief fund Plus 1 Covid-19” and that for each order of the new edition of Rare in its official store will donate 1 dollar to the fund.

The other two singles new in the revised edition of the album released in January and entitled ‘She’ and ‘Souvenir’.

Fans of Selena Gomez are eager with the new release

Shortly after the big surprise, the followers of the exestrella Disney were quick to express their uncontainable excitement with the near release.

“I can’t believe this is real”, “Can you hear me scream? I love this album and I can’t wait” and “Selena Gomez, I love you. Thank you for this gift”, were some of the reactions on Instagram.

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