Selena Gomez will launch special disc of Rare to raise funds


The famous singer and producer of american television Selena Gomez will launch a new album special of her last album Rare for raise funds to help fight contingency health.

Selena Gomez is one of the many artists that have joined the support before the pandemic of the virus that current concerns around the world.

The actress also released this next Thursday, April 9th a special version of its disk Rare to support the fight against the actual disease.

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Last Tuesday, Selena announced that released three previously unreleased songs to be able to raise funds to help fight the disease.

The profits that proceeds from this new album deluxe will serve to support the fight against the pandemic because they need all the medical equipment possible and many people have lost their jobs.

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It was by means of his official account of Instagram Gomez shared with his followers the amazing news.

The deluxe version of Rare with Boyfriend, She and a Souvenir will be out on April 9. You can book it now and more information on how to donate to the Fund Plus1 Covid-19 in the link of my biography”, he wrote in the publication.

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With only two days of having shared the announcement of the release of their new album has more of 2 million I like and no end of comments from his followers who are excited about it.

Many of you know how excited I have been about to launch a song called Boyfriend. It is a happy theme on fall and re-rise again and again in love, but also knowing that you do not need anyone more than you to be happy,” he wrote in one of the images that were shared in the publication.

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Rare is the third album the amazing singer Selena Gomezlaunched after 5 years since their last album, Revival.

Woman of the year, woman of all times”, “This is EXACTLY what we need during these difficult times to bring more joy to our lives. It gives us something to wait and dance while we are trapped at home”, were some of the comments from his followers.