Series Apple TV Plus you can not miss


Apple launched its streaming services for several months, but not many people have discovered the magnificent and original series that is offered in its catalogue: from drama and horror to fantasy and science fiction.

Best of all is that you can give out for free during the first week, then you will have to pay the great price of $68 pesos. And if you have purchased any recent Apple product, you are entitled to 1 year free.

In comparison with other services it is pretty cheap, but this has a reason: the catalog does not offer as much variety. This is because they are developing movies and series, however, the ones that are already available are worth completely worth it. Check out this listing:

The Morning Show

Of this television series sure you’ve heard, it was nominated for several golden globes and Jennifer Aniston won the Award of the Union of Actors in their interpretation. In addition the actress of Friends, the drama is starred by Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carel.

Discusses the history of two tv presenters who are very different, but that for reasons they cannot control they must learn to work together.

The television network for which they work is gone through a bad time because they have been accused of looking away to inappropriate sexual behavior on the part of team members.

It is a series product #metoo that shook the country and that is an important part of the story-line. There is mystery, drama and comedy, and with confidence you will not be able to stand on the chair to discover the vegetable nature of the characters.

The Morning Show Facebook
The Morning Show Facebook


This is a science fiction series starring the actor from Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa. The series has as a place in a future where the human species has been blind and have, for several centuries accustomed to live in darkness.

In this world view, and the mere idea that someone might see is related to the heresy and is enough reason to execute people. It is here where begins the story: a pregnant woman comes to a village, fleeing from “the seekers of witches”.

In this village lives the character played by Momoa, who, besides being a great warrior, is the leader of the village. He takes it as a woman and raises the children as his own. However, those children are something different: they can see it. The desire to save their sons will do the unthinkable.

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It is a series that is about the life of the poet’s most important united States of America: Emily Dickinson. And although these first few lines may seem boring, I assure you that we are before a series that will keep you glued to the television.

Dickinson is a mix between Gossip Girl and Reing, the music that is used, despite it being a series of time, it is modern and was interspersed with scenes of the social life of an upper-class family in the mid 1880’s.

The series is full of humor and adventure, but also has a good dose of drama: the romantic adventures of Emiily, your desire of being a poet against the traditionalism of his father, who looks with horror every time it takes a feather.

In addition to these series you will find series for children, such as the remake of the famous series for children “Ghost writer” and Snoopy. You can also see Mythic Quest (a kind of Silicon Valley), Servant (for those who enjoy the terror) and Home before dark (for those who like a good mystery), among many more. Click here to start to discover.