So he lived the reunion online the cast of “The Nanny”


The long-awaited reunion of the cast of “The nanny”, the iconic series of the 90s, gave last Monday as part of an initiative led by Fran Drescher to commemorate the iconic television program born in 1993, and to offer a product of entertainment to the public in the middle of the period of quarantine for the that crosses great part of the world.

With the phrase “Hi all, I am I, Fran Drescher” was as it was the beginning of a new interaction between the group of actors after more than two decades of the last transmission of the show.

In order to give the reading to the chapter 0 of the series, the reunion online had been publicized for days on social networks, in order to create expectation among the followers of the iconic series.

“Laughter is the best medicine, so, in these difficult times, Petah and I think it would be great to gather the entire cast of “The nanny” for a virtual reading of the chapter pilot”, wrote last week the actress, in reference to Peter Marc Jacobson, the co creator of the series.

Fran Drescher, the creative genius behind the program that lasted for 6 years on the air and it tells in tonic comic adventures of a nanny who lives in Flushing, Queensand that gets to the Upper East Side of New York to take charge of the children of a family aristocrat, was said to be very pleased to see once again assembled the cast that won the public 27 years ago.

It was so Maxwell Sheffield, the wealthy widow of a british; Gracehis insecure eldest daughter; Nilesthe nosy butler; Brightonthe child mischievous of the family; and C. C. Babcockthe blonde divorcee who was looking to relate with Maxwell, among other characters, returning for a moment to “inhabit” the mansion Sheffieldthrough the channel of YouTube official Sony Picturesfrom where it was narrated in the chapter pilot.

In the representation of this episode is told how a young woman selling cosmetics door-to-door, Fran Fine, bursts in the life of the sophisticated millionaire and Broadway producer, Maxwell Sheffield, and their children Maggie, Brighton and Grace, playing in the lobby of his mansion to finish to be installed as his new nanny, despite not having the required experience, but yes, a charism envelope, a particularly nasal voice and a peculiar sense of fashion.

Despite the fact that most of the actors look very different to when they conquered the hearts of the viewers, the nostalgia was the main ingredient that made the audience to regress 21 years at the time, at the time that the series stopped production.

Charles Shaughnessy, Madeline Zima, Daniel Davis, Lauren Lane, Benjamin Salisbury, Nicholle Tom, Renee Tylor, Rachel Chagall, Jonathan Penner, Dee Dee Rescher and Alex Sternin it was the ensemble acting full that participated in the reading of the libretto, in which even Ann Hampton Callowaythe composer of the theme entry of the series played the piano in the transmission streaming.

“Spent 26 years, but it seems that it was yesterday. And what is more wonderful is that I look younger today”, was the greeting with which the actress Renée Taylor, who plays Sylvia, the mother of nana, he began by making them laugh to the public in the transmission where the great absentee was Ann Morgan, “grandma Yetta”, who passed away in June of 2019.

Who was responsible for conducting the narration of the situation of each scene, was the producer and writer of the program situations Peter Marc Jacobson.

“We want you to be well that they are safe, that are healthy, so go to the Organization Cancer Schmancer, there is no videos of wonderful information they can share with their family, so that you are well and many thanks”, it was like Fran Drescher gave an end to the reading, adding that this was a nod to their fans in the world, in a special effort that served as a distraction in these times many followers of the series are to be found in isolation, an ideal occasion to remind the program that marked a generation of viewers.

The series which premiered in Mexico 27 years ago and that lasted only 6 seasons of over 20 episodes each one, managed a global success and won a base of fans who yearned for his return since 1999, year in which ceased to occur.

Without the possibility of filming new episodes, and with the pre-production of the musical based on the series, stopped by the pandemic, this reunion online was enough to make it clear that “The nanny” it has withstood the test of time and all that changed television and the world since 1993.