the advice of your hairdresser to have a hair more beautiful


Actresses, models, singers, athletes, influencers… All are taking advantage of these weeks of confinement to make an appeal to the naturalness. Now, more than ever, social networks are filling up photo without makeup and manes revolts are becoming a movement that defends the beauty without filters. That is what defends precisely Selena Gomezwho has published multiple images in which it appears without a drop of makeup and with your hair natural. The singer has followed the advice of your hairstylist, Marissa Marino, who recommended take advantage of these days that we are home for our hair to ‘rest’.


“A reminder that all we must let our hair it to air dry and become more natural, especially now that we have to become stay at home”, has written the stylist, acknowledging that he misses his job. “If I’m honest I’m looking forward to combing. I miss you all”, says next to this photo of Selena in the that appears, to show his spectacular mane curly. “Always so dramatic”, “Diva”, “you Do a great team”, “I love how the comb your hair”, “natural Beauty” or “Love your curls”, are some of the comments that you have left your fans.

If these tips were not enough, Marino has published a step-by-step to get some waves are very nice without the need to use heat. The hair stylist of the american artist wants to avoid at all costs that we use tools that can damage our hair, that’s why you have shared this tutorial that you can do at home in a very simple way. “With damp hair, apply a conditioner that does not need a rinse or a spray of marine salt. Then, divide your hair into four sections, two in front of the ear and two behind. Tour each strand individually enrollándolo on itself”, he explains.


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You can hold them with a rubber hair, and, as a last step, dried in the air. After, head dropping tuft to tuft and you’re done! “You can also sleep with your hair rolled up. I prefer to do it during the day so as not to get folds,” confesses Marissa Marino, who recommended this trick even if you have fine hair and want to give it an extra volume. “My hair is wavy, but it usually never goes well… this is the perfect solution to get some waves without heat!”, concludes.

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