The ‘Boss’, and Hitchcock, a plan of height for the Wednesday


Madrid, 7 apr. (EFE).- This Wednesday, the cultural agenda has names of height. In music we will enjoy nothing less than the music of Bruce Springsteen or the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock, a level of quality hard to beat.

— The ‘Boss’ encouraged the quarantine.

The highlight of the Wednesday music is the involvement of Bruce Springsteen in the program “From His Home To Yours”, of SiriusXM, to perform some songs and share reflections from 10:00 am local (16:00 hours in Spain).

For those who find themselves nostalgic atmosphere of processions, Diana Navarro has just launched its “Songs from home”, with songs like “our Father”, “Hail Mary to the Virgin of Sorrows” or the “Bolt Virgin of Tears and Favors”.

On the official Youtube channel, the chilean artist of higher worldwide sales, Mon Laferte, will offer a live performance at 20:00 hours Spanish time (18:00 GMT).

— It’s always a good time to catch up to Hitchcock.

On the 29th of April will mark 40 years of the death of Alfred Hitchcock. For this reason, the channel TCM dedicates every Wednesday of the month of April the “master of suspense”. For this afternoon and evening programming includes a title very appropriate for the confinement as is “rear window” (1954), with James Stewart you need to stay in your home with the leg in plaster, but also the haunting “The birds” (1963) with Tippi Hedren, “The plot” (1976) and “Topaz” (1969).

On the other hand, the created by the distributor against the tide to go out to movie premieres during this crisis, makes its debut today with their first titles of fiction: “Vivarium”, a world premiere with Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots on a couple who is living a real nightmare surrealist trapped in a disturbing and urbanization; and the comedy “Till wedding do us part,” Dani of the Order, with Belén Cuesta and Alex Garcia, who had just arrived to the rooms when precipitated its closure.

— A series to travel to the start of the violence of ETA.

The origin of the violence that characterized the ETA is what counts Mariano Barroso in “The invisible line”, a series that debuts this Wednesday on Movistar+ -in open on their Youtube channel – and that in six chapters consider the transformation of Txabi Etxebarrieta, who went from being a bright college student to the leader of the band and the first to commit a murder, the civil guard Jose Antonio Pardines.

Álex Monner, Enric Auquer and Antonio de la Torre star in a series that also features Anna Castle, Asier Etxeandía, Ramón Barea or Patrick Raised.

— The recommendations of the Santiago Posteguillo.

At 11:00 hours on the account of Instagram of Planet the writer Santiago Posteguillo will be in direct to propose to his followers to different activities and plans to meet in the best way possible this confinement. A space in which they have intervened Monica Carrillo or Marwan.

— Wine with knowledge

In the absence of bars, the wine consumption increases at home and its sale has soared more than 60 percent during the confinement. That’s why there are few sommeliers willing to guide us to enjoy them more.

The appointment this Wednesday at 19:00 hours, convened by Desktop magazine, is run by María Jesús Huertas, responsible for the winery’s two Michelin-starred Paco Roncero Restaurant, which unveil all the secrets to tasting wine in the house, in addition to explaining how to organize the professional tastings, blind and views.

— Exercise: let us not forget the arms.

In the channel “Xhit Daily” Youtube explained how to maintain the toned arms of Beyonce, or the abs of Miley Cyrus, a channel that offers exercises to suit all tastes, needs and levels. EFE