The fight for Dave Baptist was Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy


James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, explains what they had to do to get Dave Bautista play Drax the Destroyer.

If Marvel Studios and Disney came out with theirs, Dave Bautista it may not have been chosen as Drax the destroyer Guardians of the Galaxy. Because as they were little known characters in comics, they wanted big movie stars interpreting.

But it is a curious choice that was no interpreter for that movie, since Chris Pratt, was an actor who had starred in a few films and was only known for being the kind chubby and fun of the series Parks & Recreation NBC. The two biggest stars of the film, Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooperonly lend their voices to the project. In addition to Dave Bautista, he was only known as a WWE wrestler. Therefore, I was expected to be the first big failure of the Movie Universe of Marvel. But James Gunn he obtained a spectacular success, above all thanks to the great script and the charisma of its characters. Which means that the casting was a success.

James Gunn revealed via Twitter they had to struggle particularly hard to make sure that Dave Bautista played the role of Drax the Destroyer.

“I had to fight for it, and was the fight most worthy that has ever fought”.

The fight for Dave Baptist was Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy

At that time it was speculated that Jason Momoa it would be Drax, but was not chosen and then played Aquaman in the movies of DC Comics.

Repeated in the third installment.

Currently James Gunn is preparing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3where the heroes of cosmic Marvel’s return to live great adventures at the same time that they are looking to Gamora. Have already commented that it will be the end of this mini saga within Marvel and they will give you a worthy ending to each of these characters. In addition Dave Bautista will return to reprise his role of Drax the destroyer, and it is speculated that her daughter might be alive and we would show the big reunion.

For now there is no date for the premiere of the third installment, but it probably comes from 2022.