The Half-English | The fateful afternoon of the Nottingham Forest


Football is more cyclical that exist in the world, and not for being repetitive, but it is difficult. It is very complicated to close a stage glorious in a club, and much more difficult for it to come followed by more glory. Today a clear case is that of Manchester United, which still has not managed to recover from the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, but not for being the most eye-catching, is the only case.

These days, in which Sunderland is so fashionable for being unable to return to the Championship after two declines in a row, this sad story evokes recall other cases of traditional clubs who have already gone through the third tier of English football and that cost them out. Although there are different cases especially harsh, as the Leeds United or Sheffield United, us today about the Nottingham Forest and one of their nights more sad.

It was the end of the campaign 2006/2007, the second row of the Forest in League One after a decrease traumatic and a first season in which he failed to get in the Play Off because of a bad start. Colin Calderwood, coach that was doing a good job in the Northampton Town, was in charge of rehook to the fans and the organization to fight to get back to Championship. It was not an easy task, and patience was in short supply by then at the City Ground, as in the thirteen seasons since the departure of Brian Clough, was the senior coach who had the club.

The season was not bad at all, with a staff full of players from a lot of talent and also of long-standing. Players of very high level, as David Prutton, Paul Smith, Kris Commons, Scott Dobbie, Grant Holt, Wes Morgan, Lewis McGugan or Lucke Chambers, all of them with a fruitful career later in Championship, and even in the Premier League.

The bad luck in the Forest, which at that time seemed to be looked at by a team of one-eyed people, was that the area that united Play Off with automatic promotion was tremendously equalled, and remained a fight intense until the last few games with Bristol City and Blackpool. Up first, the Seasiders were third, and the Forest room, with a difference between them of three points. The Yeovil expected at the City Ground in the semi-final the Play Off for promotion.

After a restful evening back, in which Nottingham Forest won 0-2 at Huish Park, everything seemed to indicate that the visitors had made it through to the final for the promotion in Wembley.

Wednesday, may 16, 2007 was set to be played back at a packed City Ground. The Forest finally reenganchaba to your hobby, ilusionaba, and made to believe to unbelievers. The campaign had not been bad at all, and the fans did their utmost to demonstrate that there was still pride in those souls.

But when there seemed to be no danger, were twisted hopelessly things. The Yeovil was a party full of players with a vocation offensive and a football rudimentary that sought to generate chances in any way. Footballers veterans with past the first level as Marcus Stewart, other veterans who came ascending with the Yeovil as Forbes, Lindegaard, Guyett and Nathan Jones, which was played in Spain and is a good coach now, and young people began to poke the head in professional football as Chris Cohen and Aaron Davies.

The the first part ended with a worrying 0-1 with goals from Davies in the 22, and the faces of anguish in the stands reflected that it could be a bad night. But Dobbie in the 47 was in charge of pacifying the situation by putting the 1-1. Everything seemed controlled, until in the minute 82, it began to trigger events of a dramatic work.

After a shot, desperate from just outside the area by Jean-Paul Kamudimba-Kalala that hit the crossbar, the defender Alan Wright touched without wanting the ball, and is introduced from the front area in the door itself. The 1-2 came, and the legs of the Reds began to shake. Both trembled five minutes after, in 87, Marcus Stewart put the 1-3 and sent the tie to extra timenot without before to see how David Prutton was sent off in the local box at the end of the regulation time.

The fear hung over, and the Nottingham Forest no he did nothing well. The minute you begin the extra time, a long ball from the Yeovil came to Morgan, yes, Wes Morganand he took a step loose and without tension, to Paul Smith, the goalkeeper, which never arrived. Lee Morris was ahead, and after crossing to Wright and get away from Smith, put the 1-4. Gary Holt got a minute after the 2-4 and 4-4 – in the tie, which headed the penalty shootout.

It was in the minute 109, and the legs were heavy, but that was no impediment to that, with a Forest dump and his defence disordered, Davies desmarcase after a pass from Stewart and put on the final 2-5.

The Nottingham Forest lost for the second consecutive year, the possibility of getting out of League One, a category that seemed cursed for the City Ground. The Yeovil lose at Wembley against Blackpool, who would finally be the team that would be Championship.

The Forest had to wait for the next seasonand as the culmination for the disastrous 2-5 at home to Yeovil, the Calderwood totaled at Huish Park, against those who defeated him a year ago, but this time they went up in a direct way. As an anecdote of that 2-5 is Aaron Davies and Chris Cohen were booked that summer by Nottingham Forest, the latter arriving later to be captain.