The major decision of Kim Kardashian during quarantine: four, just


It seemed that the maternal instinct of Kim Kardashian had no boundaries, but has. Has been she herself who has noticed this, of Course, that pass the quarantine with nothing less than four children locked between the four walls of the house, trying to make them understand that there is a disease that makes it impossible for us to continue with our routines, it is not an easy task.

Has been in the social networks where it has announced that in these weeks, has made a determination: “Being at home with four kids is really hard. If ever I thought a quito son is completely discarded now”. We’re going, you’re doing a little bit uphill to deal with all of them.

If ever I thought a quito son is completely discarded now”

Although Kim has also been able to find the positive side to this situation: “I love this time because we travel so regularly in our lives that this is still excellent. The union family is part of it all: we’re going to walk out and have seen all the movies you can imagine”.

Although, to say truth, has not put the brake at all, because she herself confessed a few days ago, in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, his family and her, each one in his own house, they are recording with their own mobile the final chapter of the season 18 ‘Keep Up With the Kardashians’.

That is, if, the question that still has not been clear and if Kourtney will comply with the final finish of the same, since the season began with a fight between Kim and she (with kicks and punches included), leading to Kourtney to issue a press release to announce that he was leaving the program.