The real reason for the fight between Kim and Kourtney has to do with motherhood and business


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Kelly Sullivan via Getty Images | Kourtney Kardashian Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian he knows that being a mother is a very complicated task, and you want to stop thinking otherwise.


Recently made public a very intense fight between the sisters and they spoke of the imminent departure of Kourtney’s successful reality show of the family.

In the midst of this situation, most of the clan Kardashian shared some of the reasons behind his estrangement from the show and the affairs of his mother and sisters.


Kourtney used the social networks to make clear their position with respect to all the drama that was generated due to your choice of to be a mother on top of other issues.

During a talk, Kim mentioned that her older sister is not interested in certain matters, and Kourtney will be claimed by to think that way.


You can see a part of the discussion and the fight in the video below.

With respect to the chapter where they showed the confrontation, Kourtney tweeted on the situation and made clear its stance on what it considers important:

“I will not be tweeting live episode #KUWTK tonight, as I will spend time with my children while they are on vacation. I realize that much of what you are talking about now is about my work ethic and I feel that I need to make clear one thing: raising children is a job too“.

The focus on motherhood, Kourtney was stressed complicated and important it is for her to be a mother.

“In fact, it is the hardest job and most rewarding I have ever had. I have decided to put my attention on my children and my lifestyle brand, Pooshthat goes on to find a balance healthy for you and that you can live a better life”.

And ended of talk about the subject with a message for all the people, sharing their point of view or not:

“I do not judge anyone who choose a different path, and I hope you can all appreciate my choices. With love, Kourt”.

The message of the sister’s Kardashian had a big impact on the networks and some fans celebrated their decision to focus on their children.

“Honestly, you do not owe explanations to anyone. Annoys Me when people think that being a mother is not a job. You must do what is best for yourself and your children. You are my Kardashian favorite, by the way. Take care.”

You have a good point.

“For whatever that’s worth coming from a perfect stranger, I think you’re the only sister conscious and the only one who has her priorities clear. You must have your head up high knowing that you did the most important thing first: your children”.

It is the priorities of each person.


Kourtney will continue to focus on their children and celebrating the first anniversary of its brand, Poosh.

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