The reason that the house of Justin Bieber has become a cause of mockery

Before the start of the quarantine and the people remain confined in their homes, Justin Bieber he had already shown that he was very homely. Away from the media attention, the artist dedicated himself to promote his new album and his clothing line, Drew, from the comfort of your home. Well, now that no one can get out of home there are some trolls Twitter you have found one of the properties of the singer is so ugly that the have become meme, making the whole internet ria of it.

The mansion of Justin Bieber of all tease is not the that has become their refuge and that of his wife, Hailey Baldwin during these days. Thanks to the stories on Instagram and the Tik Toks that hang we see them doing a completely normal life in their new home in Beverly Hills, the place where they reside for some months.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

The couple is shown cooking, lying on the sofa, watching tv, playing with your pets… and to the fans who have them love it. Now, on the internet there is always a sector of people carrying out end to everything and now the spotlight has landed on one of the homes of Justin Bieber, a mansion that now means Twitter laughs.

What has this house to have awakened the attention and provoke laughter? Everything is based on your form. If we look, the structure of the building is cylindrical in shape and has an air of futuristic of the films of the 80s, which imagined what life would be like a few decades later.


The memes have begun to emerge, and although comparisons are odious, it is true that some have a lot of grace. “Why is the house of Justin Bieber looks like a console deshechada of the year 2000?” says one of the messages on Twitter that includes a photograph of the property, located in Los Angeles.

To tell the truth, the structure itself is quite rare. In fact, it is so curious that up to the youtuber Paul Lohgan used it a while ago to shoot the video clip for his song Everyday Bro
a song that carries more than 200 million views on Youtube.


The house of Justin Bieber was also inhabited for a week by the rapper Meek Mill, a close friend of the canadian. There sat at the feast after the delivery of the Prizes Grammy in the year 2015, although the celebration was out of hand and the house was unrecognizable.

But despite its famous history, the house continues to arouse the laughter of netizens who we have found similar with the scenario of Comand and Conquer Red Alert 2
with the headquarters of the Court of Human Rights or with the meeting-point of The Avengers.



The house of Justin Bieber is a meme circulating on Twitter and some of the users have already been launched to classify it as “home to the ugly” that you have ever seen. What you, what you think?



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