The second season of ‘Foodie Love’ change of protagonists


With the aim of livening up a little confinement, Isabel Coixet took the reins of the account Instagram of HBO Spain on the afternoon of April 2, and through a live video immersed himself fully into the questions about the creative process of ‘Foodie Love’, the fiction that she cooked up and released in the platform at the end of 2019. Obviously, one of the questions most repeated was with respect to a possible continuation of the seriesabout which reference was made with interesting details.

Laia Costa and Guillermo Pfening on the 'Foodie Love'

Laia Costa and Guillermo Pfening on the ‘Foodie Love’

Although there is no official confirmation about the renewal of ‘Foodie Love’ for a second season, its creator, dared to reveal the ideas you have in mind if finally the american company gives the green light to the new delivery: “‘Foodie Love’ is a story that can open up and develop in other ways.” So he explained that to prolong his comedy, culinary, what is more likely is that there is a change of characters and of genderbecause that could be explored frontiers beyond the romantic.

However, this does not necessarily imply that we lose sight of the chemistry exhibited by the protagonists of the first season. “I have the idea that Laia [Costa] and Guillermo [Pfening] are,” said the filmmaker Catalan, which noted that this renewal is not a distant possibility: “If my prayers are answered, it will happen.” And if that was not enough with that clarification on the future of ‘Foodie Love’, Coixet also dared to joke about the new installment of ‘Euphoria’, another of the sensations of HBO, to the that portfolio to Britney Spears, replacing Zendaya.

Progress stalled

The premiere of the ‘Foodie Love’ in December 2019 was the expected emergence of HBO in the field of local production of fiction Spainafter the premiere of the docuserie ‘The pioneer’ months before. However, the paralysis of industry caused by the coronavirus, has resulted in the delay indefinitely the premiere of ‘Homeland’, scheduled in the first instance to the 17 of may, so that the new iterations of that local effort will be made to pray a little more. In addition, there are pending releases of ‘By H or by B’ and ’30 coins’.