the singer surprised with his change of ‘look’ in your connection with the program of Pablo Motos

Mario Vaquerizo and Alaska have visited virtually The Anthill. The couple wanted to comment to Pablo Motos, the altar boy, Luis Piedrahita and Brown how they are approaching this situation of confinement caused by the coronavirus. The singers have been connected from its central home in Madrid where it is found with her mother, America, who also wanted to say hello to all fans of the program. The first thing that attracted attention was the amazing change of look the vocalist of The nancys rubias after three weeks locked in his house: a beardfeature that surprised everyone, since they will almost always tend to go clean-shaven. “I have decided to be a hombretón with a beard or a náugrago, depending how you look“says he to the astonished eyes of his companions. “I like the beard, but to him nothing“confessed very safe interpreter Who cares.

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This is the first video that I make of all of the quarantine. I am a modern person of the TWENTY-first century, but already you see. I have not wanted to talk with nobody,” said Vaquerizo. “We are adapting. There are better and worse days, but the circumstances make the humor of Mario is better and worse depending on the time,” says Alaska, to which her husband responded by joking with the same answer: “Alaska has days of better and worse mood depending on the moment”, a few minutes that have taken the smile of all. “I want to give a round of applause to all the employees at home and to all the housewives because clean up the house, make the food, place things, remove the dust, all of that is a stress, but you have to know how to do it well. Place cabinets, mop the floor and leave everything clean. It is a profession very tired. Bravo“, thanking Mario.

This artist, a lover of the beer ensures that it takes a few weeks almost without drinking your favorite beverage. “I’m going to say a thing. I try not to take much, in fact since Saturday I had not drunk any, but as I’m happy today to talk to you, I’ve taken 5”, he confessed. “I’ve been off this weekend, a week, that’s why it lasted tranto the beer in the fridge!”, I was joking again. In addition, Vaquerizo wanted to thank all of the program for their work in entertainment. “This virus can not with anyone. We will overcome,” was trying to animate from your home. “Today I won at dominoes. We are with America in our three houses of the same building. Always win Oblivion, and today I have given her a time. Do strategies because I am more ready to what you believe. I am lucky in the game, in love, on tv, at all,” said a happy participant of Your face is familiar to me.

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The pair has shown some rooms in your home as your rincon flamenco. In this room where they were, very decorated with things of Spanish folklore, there was a box of Lola Flores, Carmen Sevilla and many figurines. “As we don’t have walls we put the boxes behind the doors. We are taking the opportunity to organize the house. I don’t want to throw anything away, but well…that Is what plays in these moments,” says Oblivion. After the ride, his mother, America has bowed to all the spectators and have been fired very cheerful.

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